BASIN BÜLTENİ-Save the Date: TradeON Summit Coming July 28, 2020
30/06/2020 18:11:16

    Join thousands of retail traders and brokers during an 18-hour  live summit from the comfort of your home.
    Summer may have officially arrived, but the trading volatility has  shown no signs of slowing down. Join Finance Magnates and Forex Live  for the virtual TradeON Summit 2020, taking place July 28, 2020.
    2020 has already proven to be one of the most unpredictable years  in recent memory. These tumultuous times are the perfect backdrop for  the largest virtual event of the year, with the TradeON Summit  expected to have upwards of 5,000 traders in attendance.
    Worried about traveling or uneasy about large crowds? TradeON
Summit has you covered with a comprehensive online forum for all types  of traders.
    Join thousands of different traders to connect, discuss market  opportunities, and learn from the industry's leading analysts thought  leaders and market makers.
    Stay tuned for updates regarding the summit's sessions,  participating brands, and detailed agenda.

    Something for Everyone at TradeON Summit

    TradeON Summit caters to a wide range of participants in an online  auditorium for knowledge sessions, exhibition halls with leading  brands, and networking via public lounges and chat.
    This includes 18 hours of live webinars, analysis, and a dynamic  virtual platform. Join both brokers and leading traders from around  the world to meet and network.
    As a participating broker, you will have the opportunity to  showcase your brand to a trading community in the thousands.
    The TradeON Summit also provides a unique format to engage  directly with traders with actionable educational content and market  ideas.
    Don't miss a thing at the virtual event that is fully compatible  with mobile devices. Attendees will also have direct access to network  with industry experts via 1:1 meetings, video & audio calls, and live  chats.
    Join the conversation today and learn more about the biggest  virtual event of the summer!

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