Emre Kurttepeli has made a speech at Global Leadership Summit

Held each year by YPO (Young President Organisation) and titled “Crossing Over”, the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) which hosted 2500 CEOs and the leaders of industry from 120 countries took place in Istanbul between 28th February and 1st March, 2013. Emre Kurttepeli attended “Opportunities in Digital Economy of Global Leadership Conference” panel as a speaker. The prominent speakers at the conference included world leaders such as Tony Blair, George Papandreou and Gerard Schröder.

Emre Kurttepeli has made a speech at Global Leadership Summit

GLC: Each year, young business leaders from around the world come together for the YPO Global Leadership Summit. During the two-day event, more than 2,500 chief executives and industry leaders representing more than 120 countries meet world-renowned speakers and resources to address key issues in business, politics, technology, medicine, culture, philanthropy, humanities and more.




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